Touch Panels and Custom Touch Screen Technology

Since developing the first 42 inch touch screen in 1997, IST has been a world leader in large area touch screens. Currently we offer sizes ranging from 30 inches to 160 inches. We support both dual and single touch.  In addition, we are among the only touch system providers that have proven solutions for DVD players. Let us help you deliver a custom solution or just let one of our many off the shelf solutions be your solution.



Input Method: Finger, Gloved hand, or Stylus Activation

Touch Activation Force: No minimum touch activation force is required

Input Voltage: +12VDC

Working Current: 500~1250mA

Average Power: < 5W

Physical Resolution: 0.125′

Responding Time: 20ms

Interface: RS232, RS422 and USB

Transparency: 100% (Without Protective Glass)
>92% (With Protective Glass)

Supported Models
Manufacturer Display Sizes
NEC 32″, 40″, 42″, 46″, 50″, 61″
Pioneer 50″, 60″, 61″
Panasonic 42″, 50″, 65″, 103″
Sony 32″, 42″, 46″, 60″
Sharp 32″, 46″, 52″, 65″
Size Guide

The following chart provides the length and width of the most common touch screen designs. If a display is smaller then these standard dimensions IST may have a frame in stock to accommodate the display.

Display Size Height (Inches) Width (Inches)
30″ 17.9 28.2
32″ 19.5 32
40″ 24.3 38.1
42″ 25.8 41.5
46″ 26.5 44.3
50″ 28.7 48.8
60-61″ 35.3 58.7
64-65″ 38 61.2
103″ 56.1 95.2

Device drivers are the install/setup programs that are required for most PC peripherals to operate.

OS Interface Version Link
WIN7/8/10 64 bit RS232/USB 05.01.1483 DOWNLOAD
WIN7/8/10 32 bit RS232/USB 05.01.1483 DOWNLOAD
MAC PowerPC 10.2 – 10.5 RS232/USB 04.01.01 DOWNLOAD
MAC Intel 10.2 – 10.5 RS232/USB 04.01.01 DOWNLOAD
Linux X86 RS232/USB 4.1.1 DOWNLOAD
USB Device Drivers (Windows) USB 2.12.24 DOWNLOAD

Look here to find information on mounting the IST Touch screen and installing the device drivers.


File Type Title Link
PDF IST TOUCH Infrared Touch Screen Mounting Instructions DOWNLOAD
PDF IST TOUCH Windows Device Driver Install Instructions DOWNLOAD
PDF IST TOUCH USB Device Driver Install Instructions DOWNLOAD
PDF IST TOUCH MAC Device Driver Install Instructions DOWNLOAD

Need help troubleshooting an issue with your IST TOUCH screen system? Try our online troubleshooting and tech support notes.

What issue should I pay attention to when installing IST TOUCH© screens?

  1. IST TOUCH Infrared Touch Screens are built to be very rugged. As with all electronics, they need to be handled appropriately.
  2. Do not block the infrared emitters or receivers during power up or calibration.

What should I do if the IST TOUCH screen does not respond when I touch it?

  1. Check the serial cable and power supply connections. Verify they are connected properly and securely.
  2. Verify that the screen is using the correct COM port.
  3. Check the ‘ Status ’ of the touch screen using the UPDD setting. When connected properly, a green ‘check’ will be displayed.
  4. If the system still does not respond, please call our technical support staff.

What should I do if I lose the supplied power adapter?

  1. You can replace the power supply with a 12VDC, 1.0 Amp (or greater), P5 (2.1mm plug) connector, with a positive center.
  2. IST will also send you a power supply for a modest charge and ship It to you.


For advanced troubleshooting techniques please refer to the following guides:

File Type Title Release Date Link
PDF IST TOUCH Infrared Touch Screen Troubleshooting Guide 01.2008 DOWNLOAD
PDF IST TOUCH Infrared Touch Screen DVD Mode to PC Mode Conversion 01.2008 DOWNLOAD

Have questions about the IST TOUCH screens that we offer? Follow this link for a short list of some frequently asked questions and answers.


1. Does ambient light interfere the performance or function of ISTTOUCH© screens?

Very rarely. The ISTTOUCH screens are designed and constructed to resist extreme ambient light interference. Should your application be affected by ambient light, please call IST. Our technical support team can help identify touch screen settings that may remedy the problem.


2. What is the resolution of ISTTOUCH screens?

The infrared LED’s used for ISTTOUCH screens offer 1/8” native resolution; using software this can be interpolated to a resolution of 1/16”.


3. Do ISTTOUCH screens need frequent recalibration?

No. The ISTTOUCH screens are designed to be highly stable and free of calibration drift. The ISTTOUCH screens offer stability and reliability under normal operation. If the touch screen is removed and reinstalled on the display, recalibrating is recommended.


4. When is calibration required for ISTTOUCH screens?

The ISTTOUCH screens require calibration when they are first installed or when the monitor resolution has been changed.


5. Can protective devices be added to ISTTOUCH screen to shield the display surface?

IST provides an optional MR10 Lexan™ sheet that can be easily installed by the user on site. Lexan™ was chosen for its clarity and its ability to resist scratches and graffiti. Lexan™ protects the display from vandals, and if necessary, can be easily replaced. In addition, Lexan™ can be used for added weather resistance for out-door applications.


6. Can the ISTTOUCH screen be operated with a mouse and keyboard simultaneously?

Yes. The ISTTOUCH screen is completely compatible with mouse and keyboard, and both can be used simultaneously.


7. How should I clean the ISTTOUCH screen?

You can use the same cleaner that is recommended by manufacturer of your monitor to clean the ISTTOUCH infrared touch screen.


8. Will fingerprints, dirt or scratches on the display surface cause the ISTTOUCH screen to malfunction?

Fingerprints, dirt and even scratches on the monitor will not affect the operation of ISTTOUCH infrared touch screen