VectorVGA Converters

Vector monitors used in the 1970’s for air traffic control, arcade games, and other applications are no longer available. However there are a number of legacy military and consumer systems that still require vector monitors.

IST has developed a board to convert vector signals to VGA signals. Although initially designed for the arcade industry, this simple board has found application with a number of military customers. IST has also modified this basic design to satisfy custom solutions. If you have a vector signal that needs to be converted to a modern format, please contact us to see how we can help with a reliable solution.

Link to the Tempest Manual

VectorVGA Pro

Imaging Systems Technology is proud to introduce our new line of stroke to raster scan converter: the VectorVGA Pro. The VectorVGA Pro converts any stroke video signal from a legacy vector video source to standard raster video format that is viewable on any display.
    Accurately converts XYZ / XYRGB stroke signals (such as radar, sonar, HUD, vector) to raster video.
    Custom form factors and controls available to suit project-specific needs.
    Enables stroke video to be viewed on any low cost COTS display.
    Configurable to any custom resolution.

Visit for more information or download the VectorVGA Pro Product Brochure

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