Electronic Design Services

There was a time when electronic products were developed and fabricated in-house using dedicated teams of engineers and technicians. A company’s engineering team designed the circuits, developed the board using off-the-shelf components, developed the micro-code, and packaged the system. With today’s new hyper competitive global economy this model is increasingly becoming outdated. As external competitive pressure increases, companies are recognizing that outsourcing electronic engineering services gives them advantages in quicker design cycle times, quicker time to market, access to specialized skill, and reduced overhead.
IST offers a talented team of electrical engineers to meet the electronic industries outsourcing needs from small jobs of simple layout to a complete turnkey system.  IST can assist with:
  • Prototype / feasibility study / proof-of-concept design services
  • Product development from concept to full production
  • Board Design
  • Printed Circuit Board (PCB) layout  
  • Ongoing consultation
  • Documentation
Technical capabilities include:
  • RF
  • Wireless
  • Analog
  • Power
  • Signal Integrity
  • DSP, MCU • NPU • Firmware
  • Device Drivers
  • Software including C++, Visual C, Java, Java Script, Visual Basic
IST is based in the United States and located in Toledo, Ohio. We are proud to be represented by Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur in the 9th Congressional District.