Contract Research

Imaging Systems Technology is dedication to providing outstanding research to military and industrial customers. Our success is fueled by an unrivaled commitment to quality. We share the same level of involvement, commitment, and passion as our clients—a dedication to collaboration that delivers success.

Our distinct combination of expertise and insight delivers results in every phase of a research project. IST specializes in advanced technology. Our strength lies in the complementary nature of our research staff’s capabilities which include plasma-physics, glass, ceramic, metal, electronics, and mechanics.

IST has created a strong presence in the federal military market through our direct and indirect support of projects for ARL, AFRL, NRL, DOE, DARPA, NSF, and NIST. IST has also successfully staged a number of industrially sponsored research projects with clients all over the world including Japan, Korea, Netherlands, Canada and the United States.

Successful projects include flexible displays, IR scene generation displays, UV scene generation displays, RF plasma sensors, and plasma based EMP shields.

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