Engineering Services

Imaging Systems Technology (IST) offers ISO 9001:2009 registered engineering services. Services include full electrical design, contract research and design, displays and display peripherals, and reverse engineering.

More information can found in our Engineering Services Brochure.
Touch Systems

IST manufactures custom and stock solutions for IR touch system overlays. Our touch systems can be toggled to dual or single touch mode. They can interface with USB, RS232, RS422, or work with many commercial DVD players. Touch system can work with a variety of operating systems including all versions of Windows, Macs, Unix, and Sun Systems.

For more information, see or download our Touch System Brochure.
VectorVGA Pro

VectorVGA Pro converts any stroke video signal from a legacy vector video source to standard raster video format that is viewable on any display. Accurately converts XYZ / XYRGB stroke signals (such as radar, sonar, HUD, vector) to raster video. Custom form factors and controls areavailable to suit project-specific needs. Enables stroke video to be viewed on any low cost COTS display. Configurable to any custom resolution up to 1920 x 1080 (1600 x 1200).

Download the VectorVGA Pro Spec Sheet or find more information can be found at
VectorVGA Tempest

We are no longer selling the VectorVGA Tempest Scan Convertor. For information on the legacy convertors please visit

IST manufactures Plasma-Shells™, which are small, gas encapsulated shapes (spheres being one shape) that are currently being used in many applications including flexible displays, digital signage, UV and IR Scene Generation, and RF detection and shielding, as well as other applications.

More information can be found by visiting our website or viewing the product literature.