Bosch EOL Tester

Bosch Diagnostics and Bosch EOL Tester Software from IST

We now have a website for our EOL Product Line. Please follow this link to our new EOL Website here.
Since 1999, IST has been delivering End of Line (EOL) testing solutions for Bosch’s Rear Parking Aid Test box, and a custom designed software to test functionality of lamps. We have delivered solutions to the top second tier suppliers to the automotive industry, our products are used daily on automotive manufacturing lines.

Designed for rigors of a production environment, IST’s EOL Test Software V2.0 is the keystone of a wiring harness test stand. Interfacing to Bosch’s Rear Parking Aid Test box and IST’s Lamp Test Box, the EOL Software can perform the following: Typical Rear Parking Aid Test Station.
  • Test 2, 4, or 6 Rear Parking Aid sensors
  • Continuity test up to 8 lamps*
  • Provides visual status indication to the operator
  • Print labels indicating the parts status (Good, Reject…)
  • Record a database of tests that can be imported into virtually any DB or spreadsheet program
IST’s EOL is flexible enough to interface with external programs to perform tasks such as SQL queries, or to define the part configuration on-the-fly. Tests can be synchronized to external inputs such as switch closures or PLC signals**. IST EOL Software runs on inexpensive PC hardware under Windows XP, 2K, or NT.

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if you have an automotive testing application that needs to be on the assembly line. Our ISO registered company can deliver a reliable solution in a reasonable time frame.

* Requires IST Lamp Test Box and/or IST PLC Interface Box
**External programs not supplied